What Is The Auxiliary?

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is chartered to assist the Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant.  These functions included all missions authorized by law except military operations and law enforcement.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is America's Volunteer Life savers. 
The missions of the Auxiliary include search and rescue, aircraft operations, seamanship training, weather training, radio and computer operations, public education instruction, aids to navigation, vessel safety checks, support during disasters, marine safety, environmental protection, recruiting assistance, and safety patrols.  As the roles and responsibilities of the Coast Guard expand under the Department of Homeland Defense, the Auxiliary is taking on more non-traditional roles. 

This web site supports public affairs, recruiting and operations for U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 054-11-07.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary is the volunteer arm of the United States Coast Guard.  Flotilla 054-11-07 is part of the 11th Division in the Southern region of Coast Guard District 5.