Coastie The Safety Boat

Coastie is a 45-inch high robotic cartoon character in form of a Coast Guard tugboat.  Coastie is operated by remote control and moves, talks, plays music and winks his large eyes when children are near.  He is also configured with lights, sirens and rotating beaconCoastie lights. Children are naturally attracted to him and that provides a wonderful platform for presenting water safety messages while entertaining them at the same time. The target audience for Coastie is the elementary school student. There should be no greater benefit than educating a child about boating safety at this early age.   

The 45-Inch Low Endurance Coastie Cutter class are the smallest cutters, ever built for the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary.  These cutters were introduced to the Coast Guard and Auxiliary inventory in 1997-2000.  Production beginning in 1997 and still presently being produced by the Robotronics' Shipyard in Springville Utah.  The entire class was modernized through the efforts of Coastie's Dad, at Coastie Operations, and the Fleet Renovation and Modernization (COFRAM) program. The first of the class was Coastie #01 (WAUX-01) Commissioned on September 2, 2000.  There are currently 36 Coastie class boats performing a variety of missions throughout the United States.

Coastie' SpecificationsCoastie's Operator
Length: 44"
Beam: 30"
Displacement: 125 lbs
Dry Dock: 
Robotronics' Shipyard, Springville UT
Power Plant: Two Independent Electric Motors
Range: Apr. 2 miles or 2 hours    
Max Speed: 3.5 knots on level ground
Armament: 1 12 Volt Water Squirter - range 25' 
Date Of Construction:  2000 - current
Primary Mission: Youth Boating and Water Safety Education

For more information about Coastie, please contact Woody Knight.