Auxilary Programs

Public Education
Safe boating through education. The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a wonderful source of information on boating safely. The public education courses offered by the Auxiliary will be sure to get the recreational boater off to a safe start. The instructors are boat savvy people with years of boating experience. The text books become valuable reference materials to refresh your memory from time to time. The only cost to the student is the cost of the books which is usually around twenty-five dollars. If interested in any of the classes offered by the Auxiliary please visit the class schedule today.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is an ally to the recreational boater in many ways. The safety patrols of the Auxiliary take place on waters that are frequented by recreational boaters. We are there to assist in times of need, such as breakdowns and the need for a tow back to your marina. This is especially important on inland waters where commercial towing is not available. We are trained to handle emergencies such as fire or flooding or to provide basic first aid. We do not have law enforcing capabilities ourselves but work closely with the Fish & Boat Water Conservation Officers who do. We want you to have a pleasant experience on the water and are there to help you attain that goal.

Marine Environmental Protection

The Marine Safety and Environmental Protection  Department is responsible for the planning and administration of Auxiliary programs to support the Coast Guard's Marine Safety and Marine Environmental Protection Directorate's Programs. This support includes, but is not limited to, support for marine environmental response assistance, port safety and security inspections, commercial vessel safety and security inspections of Foreign and Domestic Vessels, container inspection assistance, mariner licensing/documentation/course audits, public affairs, area contingency planning, waterways management, MDA/America's Waterways Watch, MISLE support, and environmental education. 

Vessel Safety Checks
The Vessel Safety Check is somewhat of a preventive maintenance program. It assures the recreational boater that his vessel is minimally equipped according to federal standards. The Safety Check is performed by trained Auxiliary personnel, at no cost to the boater. Many times the boater is made aware of faulty equipment and/or other problems that he was not cognizant of. This Safety check could save your life. Have your boat checked before launching it for the first time this year and earn this coveted decal

Marine Dealer Visits
The Marine Dealer Visitor is a trained Auxiliarist that visits the various marina, sporting goods stores and any other business that is involved in recreational boating. His primary function is to see that boating safety literature is available for public information. These pamphlets are Coast Guard approved and the information provided is endless. When you see the pamphlet rack on display at your favorite marina or sporting goods store please help yourself to them. He also keeps the department heads and/or store managers up to date on the latest rules and regulations.